Vegan Meals at Green Bar Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale – The SoFla Sage

The South Florida Sage

Happy February! Was your New Year resolution to go vegan? Mine wasn’t, BUT I’m always aiming for balance and that means incorporating more plant-based meals into my diet. For those who don’t want to go fully vegan, I recommend taking “Meatless Monday” one step further by choosing a vegetarian or vegan meal once per day. Dining at Green Bar Kitchen can help you meet this goal. After shutting down their test kitchen on Galt Ocean Mile, Green Bar Kitchen continues to offer all vegan fare at their flagship location on SE 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale. I recently visited for an early dinner:


I was fighting off a cold during my January visit so I got this orange juice for an immune boosting effect, it has cayenne pepper in it too – ZING.


Crab Cakes – chickpea, heart of palm, veganaise, parsley, kelp, scallion, spice blend, arugula, pickled onions.

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